All Star Circuit of Champions

The All Star Circuit of Champions (ASCoC) conducts around 50 races each season, mainly in the Eastern states.

Running 410ci Winged Sprint Cars on dirt speedways, the All Stars have been thrilling fans since 1970 when it was conceived by Bud Miller. The organization sanctioned events across the country until 1973 when it ceased competition due to a national gasoline crisis and business commitments.

In 1980 the circuit was revitalized by Bert Emick and under this leadership the organization went from strength to strength. In June 2002, Guy Webb purchased the series and continues at the helm today.

Many famous names have competed in what is dubbed as "America's Series", including Jan Opperman, Jack Hewitt, Bobby Allen, Kenny Jacobs, Dave Blaney and Tony Stewart.

Some of the highlights of the series includes the Spring Nationals at Attica Raceway Park in Ohio on Friday and Saturday April 4 and 5 and the Ohio Sprint Speedweek from June 20-28.

This season the All Stars will travel to: Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, New York, Wisconsin, South Dakota and Minnesota.

The current All Stars champion is Dale Blaney who picked up his fourth series title in 2013. Blaney also became the All Stars’ most prolific winner in 2013, surpassing hall-of-famer Kenny Jacobs with 99 career series wins.

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TOP 10

1. Chad Kemenah
2. Danny Dietrich
3. David Gravel
4. Dale Blaney
5. Greg Hodnett
6. Caleb Helms
7. Tim Shaffer
8. Steve Buckwalter
9. Danny Holtgraver
10. Greg Wilson

Updated Feb 10, 2014


Country: USA

Location: GA, FL, OH, PA, NY, WI, MN, MB, ND, SD, IA, MI

Surface: Dirt

Started: 1970

Engine size: 410ci

Front & Top Wings

Weight Rule: 1375lbs

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