Australian Sprintcar Championship

The Australian Sprintcar Championship has been contested every year since 1963. Only open to Australian Sprint Car drivers, the Championship is for winged 410ci cars.

The Australian Sprintcar Championship is contested at a different track each season on a state by state rotational basis. The 2017 Championship was held at Sydney Speedway. Kerry Madsen won his second championship in a row beating home his brother Ian and Robbie Farr. The 2018 title will be held at South Australia's Borderline Speedway. 

The most successful driver of the Championship's history is Garry Rush with ten wins between 1977 and 1992.

Championship Winners
Year 1st 2nd 3rd
1963 Bill Willis VIC Ray Forrest NSW Graham McCubbin VIC
1964 Dick Britton NSW Bill Willis VIC George Polley NSW
1965 Bill Warner NSW Dick Britton NSW Graham McCubbin
1966 Dick Britton NSW Bill Warner NSW Garry Rush NSW
1967 Dick Britton NSW Garry Rush NSW Ray Brett NSW
1968 Bob Tunks NSW Ray Brett NSW Tony Ward NSW
1969 Jim Winterbottom NSW Ray Skipper NSW Peter Dickerson NSW
1970 Bill Wigzell SA David Lander NSW Les Harrower VIC
1971 Dick Britton NSW Joe Scruise NSW Les Harrower VIC
1972 Graham McCubbin VIC Phil Hereen SA Wayne Fisher SA
1973 John Moyle SA Alan Jones SA Ron Clark VIC
1974 Jim Winterbottom NSW Les Harrower VIC Ron Smith VIC
1975 Dick Britton NSW Graham McCubbin VIC Garry Rush NSW
1976 Noel Bradford WA Graham McCubbin VIC David Conlon VIC
1977 Garry Rush NSW Noel Bradford WA George Tatnell
1978 Garry Rush NSW Jimmy Sills USA Steve Brazier NSW
1979 Steve Brazier NSW Bill Wigzell SA Tim Moncrieff TAS
1980 Steve Brazier NSW Alf Barbagello WA Graham McCubbin VIC
1981 Garry Rush NSW Bill Barrows SA Dick Britton
1982 Garry Rush NSW Bob Kelly QLD Ian Samms NSW
1983 Garry Rush NSW Brett Lacey VIC Ray Lacey VIC
1984 Garry Rush NSW George Tatnell NSW John Walsh NSW
1985 Ron Krikke WA Lee Foster WA Max Dumesny
1986 Garry Rush NSW Bob Tunks NSW Ian Lewis VIC
1987 Brett Lacey VIC Steve Brazier NSW Garry Rush NSW
1988 George Tatnell NSW Garry Rush NSW Max Dumesny VIC
1989 Garry Rush NSW George Tatnell NSW Brett Lacey VIC
1990 Garry Rush NSW Max Dumesny VIC George Tatnell NSW
1991 Max Dumesny VIC David Anderson VIC Brooke Tatnell NSW
1992 Garry Rush NSW Max Dumesny VIC Rod Bowen NSW
1993 Ron Krikke WA Garry Brazier NSW Mark Wells WA
1994 Garry Brazier NSW Brooke Tatnell NSW Robert Farr NSW
1995 Garry Brazier NSW Brooke Tatnell Garry Rush NSW
1996 Todd Wanless QLD Paul Lindberg QLD Garry Rush NSW
1997 Garry Brazier NSW Kerry Madsen NSW Garry Rush NSW
1998 Max Dumesny VIC Garry Rush NSW Skip Jackson NSW
1999 Phil March SA Kerry Madsen NSW Max Dumesny VIC
2000 Garry Brazier NSW Max Dumesny VIC Nathan McDonald QLD
2001 Skip Jackson WA Gary Brazier NSW Max Dumesny VIC
2002 Max Dumesny VIC Robbie Farr NSW Brooke Tatnell NSW
2003 Kerry Madsen NSW Gary Brazier NSW Brooke Tatnell NSW
2004 Robbie Farr NSW Max Dumesny VIC Mark Wells WA
2005 Brooke Tatnell NSW Ryan Farrell WA Cameron Gessner QLD
2006 Brooke Tatnell NSW Max Dumesny VIC Cameron Gessner QLD
2007 Brooke Tatnell NSW Max Dumesny VIC Robbie Farr NSW
2008 Garry Brazier NSW Robbie Farr NSW Ian Louden NSW
2009 Garry Brazier NSW Trevor Green SA Ryan Farrell WA
2010 James McFadden NT Stephen Bell VIC Jamie Maiolo WA
2011 Brooke Tatnell NSW Kerry Madsen NSW Steven Lines SA
2012 Brooke Tatnell NSW Shaun Dobson TAS David Murcott VIC
2013 James McFadden QLD David Murcott VIC Steven Lines SA
2014 David Murcott VIC Robbie Farr WA Trevor Green SA
2015 David Murcott VIC Steven Lines SA Jamie Veal VIC
2016 Kerry Madsen NSW Brooke Tatnell NSW Jamie Veal VIC
2017 Kerry Madsen NSW Ian Madsen NSW Robbie Farr NSW

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