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Maxim Racing Inc produced its first Sprint Car chassis in February of 1989, this was to be the beginning of a great success story. The first prototype, Maxim chassis number 89-025-5, was driven by Johnny Herrera at the Florida All Stars Sprint Week.

On January 3, 1990 a legend in Sprint Car racing was born, the K-car or KLS (Kinser Lightweight Standard). Developed by Chuck Merrill and Karl Kinser this car, piloted by Steve Kinser went on to win four consecutive Knoxville Nationals. The K-car has proven to be the most dominant Sprint Car chassis ever built, having won fourteen World of Outlaws Championships, ten Knoxville Nationals titles and six National Sprint Car Poll Manufacturer of the Year awards.

By 2001 Maxim Racing were building 304 chassis a year, and the cars were not only consistently winning races across the US but also in other countries such as Australia.

The current facility is a 12,500 square foot building in Springfield, Illinois, complete with a two story showroom. The company now produces over 400 new chassis annually. Maxim also fabricates many of the bolt-on components at its factory along with CNC machining and bending equipment.

Current top drivers using Maxim chassis include Steve Kinser, Jason Myers, Daryn Pittman and Tim Shaffer. Along with these drivers there are thousands of other Sprint Car teams across the globe that continue to have great success racing Maxim chassis.

Country: USA
Started: 1988
2709 E. Ash St.,
Springfield, IL
Phone: (217) 544-7015

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