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World Series Sprintcars (WSS) is Australia's only national Sprint Car series. Blasting off in December each year, the best drivers from Australia and the USA contest this hugely competitive series consisting of around 12 rounds, concluding in February.

WSS is extremely popular in Australia with most tracks recording near capacity crowds whenever the series comes to town.

The timing of the series allows many of the USA's top drivers to contest the championship. Those to have competed the entire WSS series include Donny Schatz, Daryn Pittman, Jason Johnson, Shane Stewart, Jack Hewitt, Joey Saldana, Randy Hannagan, Brad Furr, Danny Smith, Shane Stewart and Kyle Hirst. To date Daryn Pittman is the only US driver to have been crowned the series champion, taking the honors in 2002/2003.

A feature of the World Series Sprintcars schedule is Speedweek, five nights of frantic action over 7 days, starting on December 27.

World Series Sprintcars has been dominated by two drivers, Australia's Max Dumensy and Brooke Tatnell who have won sixteen championships between them.

History of WSS

Originally known as the Winfield Australian Sprintcar (ASC) Series, the WSS Company was created by a group of high profile speedway identities in 1987 when it became clear that Australian Sprint Cars needed a national competition. Former Speedway Park promoter John Hughes was appointed manager of the series, a role he held until the end of the 2000/2001 championship.

The inaugural World Series Sprintcars championship was held over ten rounds, the first round being conducted at Perth's Claremont Speedway on November 20 & 21, 1987. Western Australia's Alf Barbagallo won the first round, second was Garry Rush and Max Dumesny finished third. The first driver to be crowned as the series champion was George Tatnell.

Former Parramatta City Raceway owner David Lander took over the running of the series under licence for the 2001/2002 series after John Hughes stepped down as General Manager of the National Association of Speedway Racing, the owner of WSS since 1997. David injected new life into the series with then off-sider Wade Aunger. For the 2003/2004 series Wade stepped up and took on the role of Manager. Sydney racer Peter Attard joined Aunger to form AA Motorsport, the two promoting the series for the 2004/2005 championship. This partnership continued until the end of the 2006/2007 season

At the conlusion of the 2006/2007 season NASR decided to place the World Series Sprintcars franchise up for tender. After submissions were considered, the management of WSS was awarded to a group known as Speedway Promotions Australia. The consortium that formed Speedway Promotions Australia comprised six major Australian tracks – Brisbane International Speedway, Parramatta City Raceway, Premier Speedway Warrnambool, Adelaide's Speedway City, Western Australia's Perth Motorplex and the Latrobe Speedway in Tasmania.

For the 2009/2010 championship the NASR board decided to create the World Series Sprintcars Management Group. Headed by chairman Geoff Kendrick and general manager Steven Green, the group consised of an eight person steering committee, representing competitor and promoter interests in addition to two independent members.

Prior to the commencement of the 2010/2011 championship chairman Geoff Kendrick resigned from the position of chairman followed by Steven Green at the conclusion of 2010/2011. Prior to the 25th Anniversary Season in 2011/12, Sprintcar Control Council (SCCA) president Peter Mitchell assumed the role of chairman, with the day-to-day Operations of World Series Sprintcars handled by NASR who are are now known as Speedway Australia.

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2014/2015 Top 10

  1. Brooke Tatnell
  2. David Murcott
  3. James McFadden
  4. Steven Lines
  5. Kyle Hirst
  6. Jamie Veal
  7. Matt Egel
  8. Brent Aprile
  9. Daniel Harding
10. Darren Jenson

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Series Info

Country: Australia

Location: National Series

Surface: Dirt

Started: 1987

Engine size: 410ci

Front & Top Wings

Weight Rule: 1500lbs with driver

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